Mikko Hentunen - Vanite

We work with organizations that have just started as well as highly respected brands – creatively, flexibly and always with a customer-centric approach. We bend the limits of visual storytelling, creating value to our clients. Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can create something together!

Mikko Miettinen - Vanite

Mikko Miettinen.

Art Director

Lauri Hjelt - Vanite

Lauri Hjelt.

Creative Director

Juuso Patrikainen - Vanite

Juuso Patrikainen.

Senior Animator

Pietari Keurulainen - Vanite

Pietari Keurulainen.

Web Development

Vili Lyytikäinen - Vanite

Vili Lyytikäinen.

Business Development Manager


We are looking for freelance animation artists to collaborate with in future projects. If you have a passion for 3D or 2D, get in touch! We also offer intership possibilities for students who want to learn more about 3D, VFX and animation!