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Vanite | Flaconi - OOH-campaign 3D product images & animations


The #empoweringbeauty images were designed for the award-winning OOH-campaign around Germany. The 3D images and animations we’re designed to match the style of the current beauty industry but with a focus on empowerment through compliments.
Oh and by the way, you look fine today!

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NatGeo – Ice Road Rescue.

Some hefty 3D simulation and loads of compositing was done in this one for National Geographic’s promo of “Ice Road Truckers”. This project had lots of technical stuff going on with the combination of video footage and all the 3D/VFX. The challenge was of epic proportions but so was the end result!

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Vanite - Awain


The most expensive and luxurious car key in the world needed a visual identity to match their brand identity. No problem. We built a website with a custom-built product configurator and created 3D product images and animations to support their vision. Bling bling!

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Vanite | Urheilumuseo - Virtual Reality exhibition

Sports museum – Virtual Reality.

This Virtual Reality exhibition space was designed and created for the Sports Museum of Finland. The exhibition showcases Finnish sports memorabilia which was captured using photogrammetry and 3D modeling. The photorealistic experience is unreal, since it runs on Unreal Engine. In this museum, touching the collection is allowed!

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Vanite | Urheilumuseo - Virtual Reality exhibition
Suunto How-to animation for older models
Vanite | Flaconi - OOH-campaign 3D product images & animations
Vanite | OnePlus 7 - Here's Our 7
Vanite - Awain
Vanite | Fazer - Vatsaystävälliset
Vanite | OnePlus - Kevin Abosch
Vanite | oneplus-6t-history
vaisala md30
vanite dna uusi muoto
Vanite | Vaisala - Radome Assembly
Vanite | Peput Penkkiin - Kimppa-autokokeilu
Arnolds - Donitsit
attac - the growth imperative
vaisala x-band
Huutokaupan metsästäjät Suomi -TV promo
Vanite | Toyota C-HR concept design

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