Vanite - Awain website layout
Vanite - Awain - The most exclusive car key - 3d animation
Vanite - Awain - Quantum spin 3D animation
Vanite - Awain - 3d render - phantom top
Vanite - Awain - 3D Render- Serenity back
Vanite - Awain - 3F Render - Quantum front
Vanite - Awain - 3D Render - Quantum back
Vanite - Awain - 3D Render - Serenity front

Awain – The Most Exclusive Car Key





Case description

Awain was launching their collection of world’s most expensive and exclusive car keys and needed a website with a design and content that matched the product. The process included the creation and implementation of the layout, 3D product images, 3D animation and a custom-built configurator with 3D rendered images for choosing different materials for the keys. Fun project, always nice to play around with diamonds..
Oh so many diamonds..

The beautiful “Making of Quantum prototype” video in the website was created by
Visual Works ( with a 3D product animation in the end by us.

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