Vanite | OnePlus 7 - Here's Our 7

OnePlus 7 – Here’s Our 7.

Customer: Kameron

We were a part of creating the OnePlus 7 series launch video for the Indian market. Kameron came up with the concept, Balansia Films executed the idea with beautiful shots and stunning visuals. We were tasked to create scenes where video and VFX are combined. In the gallery above you can see the whole finished launch video and the two shots that we created.

Director: Lauri Tamminen
Producer: Iina Vinnari
DOP/Camera: Jukka Moisio
Camera assistant: Olli-Pekka Pesonen
Music: Juha Potka
Post Director: Teemu Antero
Post/Animation: Teemu Antero & Vanite
Make-up & Wardrobe: Siiri Sirviö
Sound engineer: Joonatan Hietanen
Chief Lighting: Jani Pinomaa
Light &Grip: Kimmo Jalkanen
Light & Grip: Henri Jaaksola
Talent: Lewis Collier

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